Balanced Man Program

Sound Mind in a Sound Body

In 1992, Sigma Phi Epsilon launched the Balanced Man Program. The BMP was designed to help Brothers develop continuously throughout their four years in college, not just as new members. The BMP demands a commitment to Sound Mind and Sound Body, and encourages personal and professional growth through each of its four Challenges: Sigma, Phi, Epsilon, and Brother Mentor. The goal of the Sigma Challenge is to educate new members on the Fraternity and the campus, and to introduce them to life as a SigEp. The Phi Challenge is designed to teach brothers how to live balanced lives through structured Sound Mind and Body events. The Epsilon Challenge encourages brothers to learn how to apply the Balanced Man ideals to servant leadership within their chapter and community; members of this challenge are expected to provide mentoring to younger members and to uphold the highest values of the fraternity. Upon completion, brothers go through the Brother Mentor Rite of Passage. Brother Mentor is the final challenge in which members prepare themselves and their chapter for the future. This is where we give our brothers the final lessons we believe they need to succeed as a lifetime brother.

All of these Challenges promote our Cardinal Principals of Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love, and encourage all of our members to live Balanced lives. We believe that through our Balanced Man Program, and National Leadership events, Sigma Phi Epsilon prepares its members to succeed both during college, and after they graduate.

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