Making a lasting difference in the great community of Durham.

At SigEp we pride ourselves on dedication of service to others. Sigma Phi Epsilon finds it an honor and a responsibility to make a lasting difference in a great community of Durham, the campus, and beyond. SigEp has encouraged each brother to become involved with numerous philanthropic events, and as a result we have brothers participate in every fraternity and sorority philanthropy on campus. The largest and most well known philanthropy that Sigma Phi Epsilon at UNH hosts is St. Baldricks at the end of every spring semester. St. Baldricks is an event where a large number of SigEp brothers, other fraternity members, many organizations on campus, and even some females raise money to shave their heads for children that don’t have a choice – children with cancer. Through incredible dedication from SigEp and our community, our annual St. Baldrick’s event is the most successful philanthropy on campus, raising over $35,000 in the last three years. We have supported many programs in the past including the St. Baldrick’s foundation, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Project Sunshine, and have reached countless lives through community service in the area.