Letter From A Rush Chairman

To Future Greek Men,

You will be making an important decision as you participate in rush this fall. The fraternity you choose will influence your life while you’re in college, but also as an adult. I have been in Sigma Phi Epsilon for two full years now, and it has undoubtedly been one of the best decisions I have ever made. If you were to speak with any current brother or alumni, they would all attest to the fact that SigEp has been one of the most beneficial decisions that they have made in their lives both during, and after their collegiate years.

SigEp strives to stay at the top of the University of New Hampshire Greek System in academics and athletics. Our Balanced Man Program and National Leadership events have been recognized as some of the best collegiate leadership programs in the country. We are extremely pleased and proud of our decision to become members of the largest and most well connected fraternity in the United States and hope that you too aspire to join our lifelong brotherhood. If you would like any information about upcoming SigEp rush events please contact me at

Nicholas Savoia

Sigma Phi Epsilon Rush Chairman


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